Microsoft starts rolling out Hub Sites in Office 365

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Microsoft announced today that they have started rolling out Office 365 Hub Sites to Targeted Release customers today.

Hub Sites is the missing building block to create great intranet solutions using modern Team Sites and Communication Sites. Looking forward to test this out as soon as it’s available in my tenant.


Hub Sites will give us:

  • Cross-site navigation
  • Content rollup
  • Consistent look-and-feel
  • Scoped search

More information in Microsoft’s blog post Organize your intranet with SharePoint hub sites

One thought on “Microsoft starts rolling out Hub Sites in Office 365

  1. 50 hub sites max: where did you get that limit? Also is it for Hubs or connected hub sites? I.e. I can have 50 hubs with 1000 connected sites, or is it 50 sites total that are connected to any hub(s)?

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