Sharepoint 2013 March Update is released

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Microsoft has released an update for Sharepoint 2013. The March update provides the latest fixes plus stability and performance improvements.

One important thing to note is that due to a change in package configuration that Microsoft introduced after Sharepoint 2013 was released you must install this March update before you install any later updates to SharePoint.


Some of the issues fixed in this update

  • Assume that you upgrade Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 to SharePoint Server 2013. In this situation, when you create a discussion post in a community, the feed notification is not displayed on your My Site page.
  • Assume that you remove a user profile picture from Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Then, you perform a user profile synchronization from AD DS to SharePoint Server 2013. In this situation, the user profile picture is not removed from SharePoint Server 2013.
  • Assume that you attach a SharePoint Server 2010 content database to a SharePoint Server 2013-based server. In this situation, when you upgrade the site collection on the SharePoint Server 2013-based server, picture libraries are not updated.
  • After you run a Build-To-Build in-place upgrade, accounts other than the application pool account lose theSPDataAccess and SPReadOnly roles.
  • When you perform a search on a SharePoint Server 2013-based server, you experience performance problems on the server.
  • When you configure Access Services to use Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure), database connections may time out too early.

For a complete list and description of this update visit this link

Here are the links to the downloads, the one for SharePoint 2013 is a massive 1.6GB

Sharepoint 2013 Server

Sharepoint 2013 Foundation

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