SharePoint Feature Manager 2.0

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Balle on MOSS has released Sharepoint Feature Manager 2.0, a tool that enables you to activate a feature on multiple Sharepointsites in one operation.

Here’s a description from the projects CodePlex page:

Say you have a Site Collection consisting of i.e. 60 subsites, and you want to add/remove/update a site feature on each and every site.
Out of the box, SharePoint will not let you activate/deactivate such Features in one operation. You simply have to go into each site and activate/deactivate the Feature manually. This is very time consuming…
Some might argue and say that a Site Collection Feature in some cases would be better, but what if this does not suit your purpose.
"What if I could just select a Feature and simply activate/deactive this on multiple sites/site collections in one operation…?"

You can find more information on the Balle on MOSS blog.

The projects CodePlex page is here.

Balle on MOSS: SharePoint Feature Manager 2.0

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