Sharepoint 2013 offers Skydrive Pro

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With Sharepoint 2013 and with many Office 365 plans Microsoft will offer the new Skydrive Pro server.

For those familiar with SkyDrive Skydrive Pro is basically the same thing only for organizations, meaning the files can be stored on-premises with Sharepoint 2013 in your private file sync cloud.

The Microsoft Sharepoint Team Blog says:

“SkyDrive is for people to sync their personal files to the cloud and across their devices. SkyDrive is available free to individuals and is included in Office 365 Home Premium. With over 60 million users, SkyDrive has become synonymous with personal cloud storage. It enables access to documents across devices. In the new Office, SkyDrive becomes the default save location, making it easy to create, store, and share files with others.

SkyDrive Pro is a document storage service that organizations provision and manage for their users. It will be available as a service together with many Office 365 plans, and on-premises with the new version of SharePoint.

Like its consumer counterpart, SkyDrive Pro enables people to synchronize their work documents from SharePoint to the cloud, and also take documents offline when they’re on the go. People can access or edit their documents across devices; files are automatically synchronized with SkyDrive Pro when connected online.”

This is quoted from this post at the Team Blog


When integrated with the desktop Skydrive Pro will show up as a folder in explorer just as we are used to with the old Skydrive.

You can store any type of document in SkyDrive Pro and your organization will be able to control things like storage requirements and encryption leves etc

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