Sharepoint 2010 leads the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management

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 Gartner put’s Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 in the lead in it’s new version of the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management.


Gartner puts Microsoft strengts in the ECM market to be:

Quote from Gartner website /

  • SharePoint 2010 goes well beyond basic content management into portal, search and collaboration technologies, and is attracting a large following as companies plan evolutions from their implementations of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. Over half the inquiries Gartner receives about ECM include discussion of SharePoint.

  • Thanks to Microsoft’s position as a "stack" vendor, SharePoint has attracted a very large ecosystem. Many third-party software vendors are building extensions, and system integrators are generating big business around deployments and customizations.

  • SharePoint has caused many enterprises to focus on an ECM strategy. It has also influenced other vendors in the ECM market, which have either positioned their products as logical supplements in a hybrid content architecture based on SharePoint or directed their product messaging toward vertical-market solutions that deliver value due to their specificity to domains in which Microsoft does not compete.

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Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management

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