Free Subsites Webpart for Sharepoint 2013

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I’ve had some questions about the free subbws /subsites webpart we provide at this site and whether it will run on Sharepoint 2013, and the answer to that it yes.
The webpart where developed for Sharepoint 2010 but will run perfectly on Sharepoint 2013 both portal and Foundation.


Just download the 2010 version from and install on your Sharepoint 2013 server.
More details about the webpart can be found here

On the download page you will also find free versions of the same subwebs / subsites webpart for Sharepoint Portal 2007 and even a sandboxed version that will run perfectly on Sharepoint in Office 365 or Sharepoint Online

So go ahead and download this free webpart for your Sharepoint 2013 server as well. We have had well over 10 000 downloads of this webpart to date, to bad I did not charge anything Smile. Enjoy…

2 thoughts on “Free Subsites Webpart for Sharepoint 2013

  1. Could you please advise if I am able to use a custom icon for this web part rather than the generic Sharepoint one? Love the webpart but need to brand it with our corporate icon.


    1. Hi,

      The only way to use your own icon would be to replace the generic Sharepoint one with your own. the webpart uses the icons from the _layouts/images folder so replacing those would work.

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