Sharepoint 2013 goes social

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Here is a short presentation I used for a talk on Sharepoint 2013 and the social functionality it offers.


This talk was held at an internal event at Bouvet (my employer) in Stavanger, Norway.
Used for a talk about how the Newsfeed activities work and how it can be used to collaborate across common silos like departments and locations.





2 thoughts on “Sharepoint 2013 goes social

  1. The title should be SharePoint 2013 Social “goes to dogs”

    There are so many limitations in the on-prem version of SharePoint 2013 social that without a massive customization exercise (or a 3rd party product like newsgator) the product is totally useless (for example max 3 @ reference in a message).

    Microsoft stopped investing in the on-prem version and is only singing yammer tune.

    The reality is that the on-prem version of SharePoint 2013 is lame and is dead-on-arrival because of Yammer.

    1. While I do agree that there are obvious limitations in the social functions in Sharepoint 2013 I would not go so far as to say they are useless.
      People will have on-premises Sharepoint 2013 for years to come so we will have to try and make use of the functionality that’s there.
      Microsoft has a whitepaper describing one way of integrating Yammer with on-premises Sharepoint 2013 here

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