Sharepoint 2013 and responsive design

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Branding Sharepoint can sometimes be a bit challenging and if you throw the myriad of mobile devices into the mix it can soon become a nightmare.
So if  you have been looking around the internet for responsive design solutions for Sharepoint to help overcome this challenge you might not have found much.

But there are a couple of promising solutions out there like Kyle Schaeffer’s Responsive HTML5 Master Page for Sharepoint 2010.

And over on CodePlex there is  what looks like a great project called Responsive Sharepoint by Eric Overfield, D’arce Hess and Gilda Spencer.
This project aims to convert the frameworks Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation 3  to work with Sharepoint 2010 and Sharepoint 2013 giving you responsive wed design for Sharepoint.
Latest updates says that Twitter Bootstrap is already converted and that they are working on Zurb Foundation.



Hopefully we will see a lot more about Sharepoint and responsive wed design in the future.

There are a couple of good examples of Sharepoint and responsive wed design out there, like and

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