Use InfoPath to replace Sharepoint List forms – Part 1

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5 Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    Do the users that use the customised list forms require ECAL?

  2. N03L says:

    Thanks for this Arild.
    I’ve been using this feature for some time now and I’m starting to get much more adventurous.
    I’ve never needed to go go back and restore the forms to their original states until now.
    Do I just have to use the copy of the default .xsn file that I took before I started my mods or is their a way to ‘undo’ and replace all my changes with the original forms using the SharePoint UI?

    When’s part 2 gonna be ready to read?

    • Arild Aarnes says:

      Hi, You can get back the original Sharepoint form by going to List Settings – Form Settings and select “Use the default Sharepoint form”
      If you choose to Not delete the Infopath form Infopath will use this the next time you click Customize Form on this list.

      Part to is hopefully coming in a week or two. I’ve been way to busy lately.

  1. June 26, 2013

    […] user with a nicer Create Site form with pictures/icons and more descriptive text. See the article Use InfoPath to replace Sharepoint List forms for an example of how to do […]

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